Study Three – Survey of parents who have been involved in a child protection investigation

This Hestia work package will be coordinated  by Professor Sabine Walper from the Deutsches Jugendinstitut, and Dr. Mónica López from the University of Groningen. All parents have a right to be heard. Feeling heard may help to avoid escalating conflicts between parents and child protection workers that may result in otherwise unnecessary placements and put additional stresses on already vulnerable children. Various child protection systems may differ in their ability to give parents the feeling of being heard and to engage them in change processes. Child welfare policy may be relevant here because social rights of parents may strengthen parents’ positions and help them to accept or even ask for services. We will interview parents investigated due to child protection concerns in each country. Parents who agree to participate will be interviewed regarding their experiences with a child protection investigation. Parents will be asked whether they felt that the case worker listened to them and whether they felt that they were involved in the investigation. Finally, parents will be invited to provide advice for improvements for the child protection system.