Hestia at EUSARF conference

07 Nov Hestia at EUSARF conference

The Hestia team has presented several results of the project at the 15th EUSARF Conference in Porto, that was held 2-5 October 2018. EUSARF stands for European Scientific Association on Residential and Family Care for Children and Adolescents. It is a body of researchers on child welfare and protection. EUSARF was founded in 1989 and has its origins in the cooperation between Flemish and Dutch universities, which started in the early eighties. Nowadays, the EUSARF board covers 15 European countries and includes a board member from Israel, United States and Canada. Hestia team member Hans Grietens is president of EUSARF and Mónica López López is one of the board members of the association.

Reserachers of project Hestia presented several findings of the study during the conference:

  • Mónica López López presented how the various dimensions of meaningful participation (informing, hearing, and involving) seem present in child protection policy in Germany, England, and the Netherlands.
  • Helen Bouma presented how child protection professionals in the Netherlands view children’s participation. A Dutch version of the findings can already be found here!
  • Eric van Santen elaborated on the role of migration background in child protection decisions.
  • Floor Middel presented a paper that explains how especially the intersections of migration background and the gender of the parent who perpetrated child maltreatment impacts the decision whether to provide child protection intervention measures.


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A link to the book of abstracts of EUSARF (including the abstracts of the Hestia team members) can be found here! 



Presentation of Floor Middel

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The organising committee of the conference