Hestia meeting at the University of York

06 Sep Hestia meeting at the University of York

The 11th and 12th of July, the Hestia team had a very fruitful meeting at the University of York. The completed data collection in each country on the child protection policies made it possible to discuss the first drafts of articles on the comparisons of the child protection systems of the three countries. Besides articles, the Hestia team will contribute with their policy analyses to a forthcoming book from the Springer Child Maltreatment series edited by Jill Korbin and Richard Krugman. Furthermore, the data collection of the case file analysis started and plans for analysis were presented and discussed within the Hestia team. Besides this, the meeting in York resulted in a final interview scheme for the interviews with parents, to investigate the experiences of parents with the child protection system. The first interviews started right after this meeting!

Next year, the first outcomes of this Hestia project will be presented in the Summer School ‘The Future of Child and Family Welfare Policy’ at the University of Groningen. This Summer School is organised together with the FACSK research project: ‘Family Complexity and Social Work. A comparative study of family-based welfare work in different welfare regimes’. During the meeting in York, the contributions of the Hestia team members were discussed. The Hestia team will present their results on the different studies of the project: the comparison of the child protection policies in the three countries, the analyses of cases of child protection investigations and the comparisons of experiences of parents with the different child protection systems.