HESTIA symposium ISPCAN conference The Hague

06 Oct HESTIA symposium ISPCAN conference The Hague


Monday 2 October 2017, the HESTIA team hosted a symposium at the 15th European regional ISPCAN conference in The Hague.  The symposium consisted of 5 presentations in which we presented on the policy analysis and case file analysis of the HESTIA study.


  1. Comparing child protection policy in three European countries (Nina Biehal, University of York)
  2. Differences in investigations in cases of suspected child maltreatment in three countries: results from a case file analysis (Susanne Witte, German Youth Institute)
  3. Decisions at the end of child protection investigations: a three country comparison (Eric van Santen, German Youth Institute)
  4. Responses to caregiver substance misuse in England and two other European countries (Helen Baldwin, University of York)
  5. The participation of children in Dutch child protection investigations: a case file analysis (Helen Bouma & Floor Middel, University of Groningen)

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