Thanks to our data collection team!

19 Jun Thanks to our data collection team!

Conducting high quality scientific research takes a lot of work. This is more than true for the Hestia research project. To illustrate, we present some facts regarding the coding process of the Hestia case file study:

  • We carefully studied 1,207 child protection casefiles
  • It took on average 2 hours to read one case file thoroughly and to fill in the coding instrument
  • It took more than 3 hours to reach some of the child protection locations from our research institutes
  • Let’s assume that it was possible to study 3 case files on one day (6 reading/coding hours + travel time)
  • (1,207 case files * 2 hours for one file) / 6 hours a day = 402.33 working days to complete the case file analysis
  • 402.33 days / 21.74 working days per month (average) = 18.51 months to complete data analysis
  • So we spent more than one and a half year on data collection!

Therefore we were very lucky to be supported by various researchers and assistants. Many of them are talented students in the field of social work, pedagogy, or psychology. We are extremely grateful for their efforts in the data collection process!

England: Nikki Owens, Katrina Igbinovia, Gemma McBirnie, Jamie McDermott, Lucy Kanya, Sally Pillay, Luke Spence, & Laura Brightwell Peters

Germany: Juljana Berghammer, & Evelyn Ehrmann

The Netherlands: Marleen Wessels, Salo Anthony, Mirjam Boelens, & Miriam Tolsma

Data collection team Hestia

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